Agriculture – Biostimulation with Tonic Water

A farmer’s basic desire is to grow crops with minimum input effort and cost, but with maximum quality output and profitability. For maximum yields and best quality, the perception is to use highly efficient fertilisers and pesticides and pay the price. Have you ever thought that growing crops without fertilizers and pesticides and without spending money on these would be possible? –  It is possible with Tonic Water – Biostimulant and Plant Enhancer!

Tonic Water is a foliar tonic and, although it does not contain the large number of conventional nutrients normally expected of foliar fertilizers, the nutrients it does provide are extremely effective delivering them directly into the plants’ internal “sugar factories”, the chloroplasts, where the basic function of plants happens: Photosynthesis. This direct enhancement of photosynthesis accelerates growth and strengthens the plant’s immune system. Or in other words, Tonic Water can replace or reduce effectively soil fertilization and pesticide use.

Secondly, plants symbiotically support biology with food in the form of sugar, which they have produced. The amount of sugar that finds its way into the root structure constitutes approximately 30% of the plant’s total sugar production and is used to feed the rhizosphere and mycorrhizal fungi, which in turn stimulate biomass in the soil.

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With these two major principles, regular use of Tonic Water and adhering to the application guidelines will have these effects:

  • Increases crop yields by 10-25%.
  • Shortens crop growth cycles due to increased efficiency.
  • Improves crop quality and shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
  • Enhances natural pest and disease resistance or systemic acquired resistance (SAR).
  • Significant root enlargement – thus giving the plant enhanced resilience to drowning or drying out.
  • Eventually, it will save you costs, due to replacing pesticides and fertilizers.

Tonic Water is mixed with clean, purified, or rainwater at a ratio of 1 – 500.

1 Liter concentrated Tonic Water is sufficient for 12.5 hectares.

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Beyond that Tonic Water is a 100% natural, non-hazardous and non-toxic product, safe for use by both humans and animals and will allow you to keep a 100% natural ecosystem in your farm. It is time for changes.

Because Tonic water is of natural origin it can be used in Cannabis Farming

Tonic Water is available as a concentrate for larger applications, and as Ready-to-use for house and garden. Visit the Cleanshield Onlineshop to buy.

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