Self-Cleaning Solar Coating

Soiling of PV modules and atmospheric pollutants reduce the efficacy of photovoltaic installations between 5 to 10%. Only frequent mechanical cleaning can limit this loss. We have got a solution to that.

Our Self-Cleaning Coating for Solar Modules is based on Nano-particle sized Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) creating a super-hydrophilic surface i.e. the surface does not repel water but spreads it evenly over the entire surface. Coupled with gravity this ensures that dust, grit, and contaminants are being swept away (e.g. during rain). 

However, this is only half of the job necessary. The biggest pollutions for PV modules in and close to urban settlements are invisible organic compounds from exhausts, industrial as well as cars, aircrafts, ships that attract, accumulated by their sticky nature, dust particles. Bird and bat droppings and to a large extend pollen in flowering seasons accumulate to a detrimental effect on power generation. The Titanium Dioxide particles of our coating develop under sunlight a surface, in which such organic compounds are completely decomposed causing the dust and dirt losing its attraction. Parts of it are blown away by the wind, rainwater will flush these particles completely away, or lacking rain in the dry season, would require occasional rinsing. This is the self-cleaning cycle increasing your power generation constantly 365/24/7.

Our Self-Cleaning Coating is applied green chemistry, without harmful chemicals. Compared to the gain in power output it is more economical than you might think. For a quote or questions to its easy application send us an email at