Self-Cleaning Outdoor Coating

Imagining a building without cleaning maintenance? It is possible with the latest technology based on Nano-particle sized Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). Titanium Dioxide is a natural mineral with an amazing hydrophilic property under sunlight, i.e. the surface does not repel water but spreads it evenly over the entire surface.

Coupled with gravity dust particles are swept away (e.g. during rain). Moreover, Titanium Dioxide coating develops under sunlight an oxidising/reducing surface, breaking down organic matter, and therefore not allowing mosses and algae to grow – a typical problem in building maintenance.

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Besides, that TiO2 absorbs the sun’s UV radiation, and thus protects surfaces and their coloring. This is all possible without chemicals in an environmentally friendly way, 24/7/365, protecting, and keeping the property value up and reducing vastly costs for cleaning maintenance.

Self-Cleaning Outdoor Coating is applied by spraying, resulting in a thin transparent layer.

List of Surface and Material types where Self-Cleaning Outdoor Coating can be applied.

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