Cleanshield Next-Generation Face Mask

Can a publicly available facemask protect better than a special N95 mask? – Yes! The report of the University Zlin confirms strong and longterm antimicrobial activity with nearly 100% efficacy for our Face Mask i.e. active protection against microbes. Access the Report here
Utilizing the latest technology the innovative and reusable Cleanshield Facemask is a ground-breaking protecting shield against all kinds of air pollution, of which there are so many in our industrialised and busy world:

Remains from smoke, industrial and vehicle exhausts, soot, noxious emissions like NOx, so-called volatile organic compounds (VOC), plenty of harmful organic particles from molecules to microorganisms like pollen, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and virions which are able to transmit diseases and dust – they all create an uncomfortable mixture.

How can the Cleanshield Facemask protect from this mixture? The answer is the multi-layered design:

•             Surface treated twice with a layer of Titanium Dioxide coating – TiO2 is well known for its photo-catalytic effect: When activated by light, TiO2 creates an oxidising and reducing surface. Organic particles settling on this surface are broken down and thus harmful microorganisms, like bacteria, viruses or mold are vastly reduced in this first layer.

•             N95 filter layer works as an efficient second particle filter.

•             Electrostatic protective shield mesh – is the third particle filter, acting through electrostatic power – an electric field is generated by air friction during breathing, attracting remaining particles.

•             Carbon-activated fabric – as the last absorbing layer complements the TiO2 layer by absorbing molecular residues in breathing air

•             Last but not least: Soft cotton fabric – guaranteeing a comfortable face feeling while you wear the mask

Most importantly, the Cleanshield Facemask is reusable by hand washing and will not lose its efficiency. The Danish Technological Institute has conducted an extensive efficiency study on the Cleanshield Facemask. Even after 15 washing cycles at 40 °C no significant reduction in the filtration efficiency could be detected.

Efficiency Test by Danish Technological Institute.

Cleanshield Face Masks are CE certified and approved at European standards. Download Brochure You can order Cleanshield Facemasks for delivery to your door in our Online Shop. Click here! Or send us an email to