Cleanshield 2-in-1 Natural Cleaner

Cleaning is chemistry + hard work! – is it really? We have got a different proposal!

Our 2-in-1 Natural Cleaner is a biological product – 100% plant-based – perfect for environmentally sensitive and spot-on for difficult situations. Despite acting strongly antimicrobial it is unlike, bleach or similar formulations safe to work with and has no residual odour, flavor, or colour.

The strongest property of the 2-in-1 Natural Cleaner is its anti-colloidal potential, i.e. to deal with tough organic debris. Kitchen grease, fats, waxes, oils in industrial environments, dirt on floors – all will be emulsified and prepared for organic decomposition. Microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses or fungi are being neutralized in minutes. The emulsification is a self-acting process – just spray the cleaner onto the surface and let it act for 10 to 15 minutes, thus reducing labour and cleaning time up to 60%, and it also saves substantial amounts of precious water.  Click here to watch a quick demo!

EXAMPLE – how does 2-in-1 Natural Cleaner act:  Take a clear jar and fill some water in, then pour some oil on top of the water, so that it floats on the surface like a dark topping. Now, take a beaker of Cleaner, pour it into the jar, and mix with a stick. Amazingly, the oil layer completely disappears. It has become totally emulsified into a milkish liquid and the oil smell has also gone. All that is a matter of just a few seconds. Thus, Natural Cleaner can also be used to clear oil spills and coastal contaminations.

Applications for 2-in-1 Natural Cleaner:

  • Where molds and mildews are problematic – e.g. industrial, cargo, households, wet rooms, offices, health care, agriculture, gyms and spa’s
  • Where hygiene standards are very high – e.g. health care, food processing, hospitality
  • Where conventional (petrochemical) cleaning agents are problematic – e.g. food processing, labs, agriculture
  • Where allergies are a problem – e.g. schools and child care, health facilities
  • Where cleaning of oil, wax, and grease is required – e.g. restaurants, hotels, food processing, industrial – Watch a demonstration here!
  • Where petrochemical activity or natural oil has decontaminated the environment – coasts, industrial, cargo, harbours, sewage treatment
  • Eventually everywhere, where you want to make a difference to the environment!

2-in-1 Natural Cleaner is available as a concentrate or in ready-to-use dilution.

For Applications & Dilution Rates for various cleaning jobs – click here!

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Latest News: Natural Cleaner has been independently tested, demonstrating virucidal activity against enveloped viruses, within 10 minutes of application. 12th May 2020. For more information please send an email to