Cleanshield Disinfecting Vitalizer

Cleanshield Disinfecting Vitalizer is a cutting edge technological breakthrough in disinfection for Agriculture, Industrial applications and Household use.

Microorganisms vary greatly in size, complexity, and survival capability, so it is difficult to find one formula that will adversely affect a broad range of these organisms. Cleanshield Disinfecting Vitalizer has harnessed the power of a natural plant substance called FLAVONOIDS, which are blended with a mix of organic acids – all naturally derived from specifically selected plants and presented in molecules of the right shape and orientation to penetrate both lipophilic and hydrophilic barriers (cell walls, capsules, and plasma membranes). This affects many microorganisms and even non-living structures, like viruses, adversely.

For example, how efficient the Disinfecting Vitalizer acts against the Bird-flu H1N1 virus click here

Cleanshield Disinfecting Vitalizer is a safe, organic, and non-toxic replacement for chlorine- and quat-based disinfectants. It is also a broad-spectrum, natural anti-bacterial, and fungicidal sanitizer that is safe to use in any environment where food is involved, including water treatment, hospitality, and catering. In Agriculture, it is being used as a strong natural alternative to control the devastating fungi and bacteria that attack crops and diminish yields in greenhouses.

Its ability to clean and disinfect surfaces as well its use for micro-vaporization to reduce and/or eliminate airborne pathogenic bioaerosols, which are instrumental in causing primary and secondary infections presents innumerable applications in hospitals, schools, veterinary surgeries, offices, households and more.

Unique is its ability for long-term residual activity – it stays active on sanitised surfaces for up to 21 days. In other words, it is not washed off after sanitisation, but stays on – this is safe as it is non-toxic to humans, plants, and animals. It can be used as a healthy alternative for hand-sanitisation (skin-friendly) as opposed to alcohol-based sanitizers. For industrial and medical disinfections the long-lasting activity means pro-active infection control, and closing the gap between disinfections. In Agriculture and food processing this will increase the shelf life of products 2 to 3 times. Even meat and seafood may be treated.

Cleanshield Disinfecting Vitalizer is available in 3 versions

1.Super Concentrate to be mixed with clean water by user

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2. Vitalizer Concentrate


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3. Liquid Glove for hand and household sanitisation


The Cleanshield Disinfecting Vitalizer is a water-based solution and may be applied via pressure based spraying systems, cold fogging systems, and electrostatic sprayers.

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