Organic Agriculture – D02 Organic Certified Plant Protector and Growth Enhancer

Organic farmers face several challenges. They have to adhere to strict Organic Protocols, yet have to produce with minimum input to achieve maximum output. Even more, they have fewer means to treat nutrient deficiencies of their crops or protect their crops against pests.

A possible solution is our Botaniclizer D02.  D02 is a 100% natural foliar spray concentrate that enhances the nutrient uptake of plants. It uses the benefits of flavonoids, a large group of naturally occurring phytonutrients, amongst others responsible to support multiple functions in the root system of plants. Thus, it promotes soil health, root development, and beneficial root-microorganism interaction.

Samira Hassan, and Ulrike Mathesius J. Exp. Bot. 2012

© The Author [2012]. Published by Oxford University Press [on behalf of the Society for Experimental Biology]. All rights reserved.

Schematic overview of flavonoid functions in the rhizosphere. Flavonoid functions in the rhizosphere range from nod gene inducers and chemoattractants in rhizobia, stimulators of mycorrhizal spore germination and hyphal branching, possible quorum-sensing regulators in bacteria, repellents for parasitic nematodes, nutrient mining, and as allelochemicals in plant-plant interactions. They can also affect root development. Examples of biologically active flavonoids mediating the different interactions are shown.

Regular use of Botaniclizer at very low concentrations will improve the health and vitality of your plants.

• D02 is certified as Organic input product according to EC 834/2007 and 889/2008  Conformity Declaration

Because of the organic certification D02 is permitted on Medical Cannabis

• D02 is designed to enhance micronutrient uptake and relieve nutrient deficiencies effectively and can be blended with existing foliar fertilisers.

• Flavonoids enhance a multitude of key plant processes not the least of which is photosynthesis, thus increasing crop yields and shortening growth cycles.

• D02 works efficiently as a fungicide.

• D02 is made from botanical extracts and will not harm beneficial insects – it is of course safe for people, animals, and the environment.

• D02 will safe you input costs – used in low concentrations with guaranteed results.

                250 ml of Concentrate is sufficient for 5 hectares

D02 is available as a concentrate for larger applications, and as Ready-to-use for house and garden. Visit the Cleanshield Onlineshop to buy.

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